Privacy Policy

The Alberta Dental Foundation (the “Foundation”) is a registered Charity that is committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. We value your trust and recognize that maintaining this trust requires that we be open and accountable in our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

1.0 Personal Information

Personal information means information that identifies you as an individual. It includes information that you provide to the Foundation or that the Foundation collects from other sources with your permission. For example, personal information includes your name, address, email address, age, gender and your financial information such as credit card or bank account information. Personal information also includes information about an individual’s status as a donor to the Foundation and the amount(s) an individual has donated or plans to donate to the Foundation.

2.0 Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

2.1 Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The personal information we collect about you depends on the nature of our relationship with you. When the Foundation collects personal information directly from you, the Foundation identifies the purposes for which it is collected at or before the time of collection.

The Foundation uses and discloses personal information with your permission. Permission may be expressed orally, in writing or may be implied, and collected orally, electronically or in writing.

The purposes for which the Foundation may collect, use and disclose personal information such as on the Foundation’s website and in public communications include: maintaining its database, fundraising, identifying donors and the amount of donation, the administration of donations, providing information about the activities of the Foundation, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

2.2 Limit of Use, Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information

Personal information will not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with consent or as required by law. Personal information will be retained only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes or as required by law. The Foundation does not trade, rent or sell any personal information to third parties.

2.3 Limiting or Withdrawing Your Consent

In general, you can choose not to provide us with some or all of your personal information. You can also withdraw your consent to our use of your personal information provided you give us written notice, and there are no legal or regulatory requirements for the continued use of your personal information.  However, this will not affect the lawfulness of any processing carried out before you withdraw your consent.

3.0 On‐line Collection of Personal Information

3.1 On‐line Donations

The Foundation’s website contains online donation forms hosted by Canada Helps. The personal information provided on these forms is used to process donations. Follow the hyperlink for Canada Helps to learn more about its Privacy Policy, specifically No.2 “WHAT PERSONAL INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT ABOUT YOU?”.

Visitors to the Foundation’s website are not required to disclose personal information as a condition of using such website. When a visitor uses the Foundation’s website, data about such use is stored on third party servers. This data may include the name of the visitor’s internet service provider, the website used to link to the Foundation’s website, the websites that were visited from the Foundation’s website and the visitor’s IP‐Address. The Foundation uses such data to administer the website more effectively, and to gather broad demographic information about what countries and domains visitors come from and their behavior on the Foundation’s website.

3.2 Publication of your name and amount of donation

The Foundation would like to share the names of our donors and the amount of their donation to the public. We respect your decision to remain anonymous and not have your name and amount of donation published.

You can consent to the Foundation publishing this information on the on-line form or any other form, if you make your donation other than through Canada Helps.

3.3 Canadian Anti‐Spam Legislation

You may limit or opt‐out of future contact by the Foundation. Electronic communications from the Foundation and the Foundation’s website will provide information on how to limit or opt‐out of future contact by the Foundation. You may unsubscribe at any time to email communications by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of all Foundation emails.

In addition, to request to be added or dropped from the Foundation’s communication list, you may email or call 780.432.1012.

3.4 Use of Cookies

Please note that Canada’s Anti‐Spam Legislation deems a person to have consented to the installation of a computer program when that computer program is a Cookie. “Cookie” or “Cookies” means small data file(s) created by a web server and stored on a user’s computer. Cookies let websites identify users, keep track of users’ preferences and recognize users who are returning to the website. Cookies also let websites make custom pages for users. Some Cookies may also keep Personal Information, such as site passwords and account numbers. Web browsers may permit a user to accept or refuse all Cookies, third‐party Cookies, or Cookies from certain websites. In the result, the Foundation is permitted to use Cookies unless and until the person on whose computer system Cookies have been installed withdraws the consent to the installation of such Cookies.

4.0 Safeguarding Personal Information

The Foundation collects and stores Personal Information in accordance with this Policy and the applicable legislation.

Our employees are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of personal information to which they have access. We keep our employees informed about our policies and procedures for protecting personal information, and reinforce the importance of complying with them. Our employees are also required, as a condition of employment, to conform to these policies and procedures.

All personal information stored in our computer database is protected with a level of security appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal information and the need for the employee to have access.

We endeavour to maintain adequate physical, procedural and electronic security with respect to our offices and information storage facilities so as to prevent unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of your personal information.

Where the Foundation chooses to retain a third party service provider to conduct activities on the Foundation’s behalf (including, but not limited to, fundraising, database creation and processing services), the selection of such third party service provider is made with a view to professionalism and the protection of personal information. The Foundation takes all reasonable steps to ensure that third party service providers are compliant with applicable privacy legislation where such privacy legislation requires the Foundation to do so.

5.0 Accuracy of Personal Information

We are committed to maintaining the accuracy of your personal information for as long as it is being used for the purposes we have identified. To help keep your personal information up‐to-date, we encourage you to notify us of any changes. Notification of changes to your address and telephone number will help us provide you with the best possible service. If, upon review of your personal information, you discover any inaccuracies, please contact us. If appropriate, we will make the proper changes and provide you with a copy of the correct information, upon request.

6.0 Retention of Your Personal Information

We only keep your personal information for as long as we need it in order to meet the purposes for which it was collected. The length of time we retain your personal information varies, depending on the nature of your relationship with us and any regulatory or legal requirements we may be required to meet. We have policies in place that govern the destruction of the personal information we hold.

7.0 Transparency Regarding Privacy Practices and Personal Information

The Foundation’s Privacy Policy is available on the Foundation’s website. Individuals may contact the Foundation to request a print version of this Policy. We take our responsibility to respect and protect your personal information seriously. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, or if you would like to review your personal information, please contact:

Address: 402‐7609 109 St, Edmonton, AB, T6G 1C3
Phone: 780‐432‐1012/1-800-843-3848 (Toll Free)
Fax: 780‐433‐4864


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