The ability to give back to the community and foster public trust is a sentiment which resonates profoundly with dentists in Alberta. This is a unique opportunity to give back in a dedicated and direct way to oral health initiatives and programs, and help individuals across the province access the care they need.

Whether you are a dentist—or not involved with the oral health community at all—you can help the most vulnerable members of our community by donating to the Alberta Dental Foundation. Please fill out the secure form and you will be issued a tax receipt accordingly (see Privacy Policy to learn about how much ADF cares about your security). You can also donate by visiting Canada Helps if that is your go-to.

don’t receive dental care on a regular basis
reported their quality of life is affected by oral health related issues
by the ADA&C to the ADF and awarded to the Boyle McCauley Dental Clinic
<50% of Canada’s most vulnerable
people have visited a dentist in the past year

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If you are interested in giving in a more significant manner, please contact us.


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